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About working with Yves

"I have worked closely with Yves on a series of lullabies, "Little Newtons."

Working with him has been a real pleasure, and the result is truly impressive."


Mark Mertens

COO / Producer at Fabrique d'Images, Fantabulous, Digital Voodooh & The Picture Factories

"I highly recommend Yves for his outstanding contribution to our preschool animated TV show “Percy’s Tiger Tales”. A show demanding 5 distinct and unique universes (real world, superhero, pirates, fairytales and knights).

Yves managed to make the audience seamlessly travel between all these musical atmospheres rearranging all the melodies and keeping a unique voice to the project. His ability to create catchy, engaging and whimsical musical compositions greatly enhanced the overall experience for our young audience. His talent, creativity, and professionalism were invaluable assets to our team. "


Federico Milella

Animated Films Director at Fabrique d'Images

Yves Barbieux has been writing music for the young audience for more than 25 years.

His style can be characterized as playful, emotional and catchy.

He has no problem leaving his ego aside to make sure his music will serve the purpose of the director's wishes and vision.

Music from "Percy's tiger tales"
01 Percy Xmas mystery
02 Percy Xmas action scene
03 Percy Finally the snow
04 Percy outside the fantasy world
05 Percy medieval final
06 Percy pirates sad cajon accordion
07 Percy Xmas mystery waltz
08 Percy guitar marimba
09 Percy Jazz
10 Percy fairy orchestral
11 Percy transformation to Caribbean
12 Percy strings and bells - short scene
Other tunes - 5 minutes medley
5 minutes medleyYves Barbieux
00:00 / 05:54
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